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After completing a PhD in July 2005, I felt inspired to share the findings, results and research into snow and blizzards with other like minded people, but in doing so hopefully reaching a much broader audience.
Hence the creation of chart NZD-USD

The site is dedicated to the history of heavy snow and blizzards across Great Britain; frequently asked snow questions, the latest snow news from both the UK and abroad and other snow related topics such as summer snows and snow folklore.


PhD Thesis

Dr Wild's PhD is now online and available for download.

To download and read particular chapters of the PhD, please follow the link below:
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Snow forecast for the period 11 to 17 December 2011 across the UK

11th - Scotland

12th - Scotland, N Ireland & N England

13th - Scotland, N Ireland & N England

14th - Scotland, N Ireland & N England

15th - Scotland, N Ireland & N England

16th - Scotland, N Ireland & N England

17th - Scotland, N Ireland & N England